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The most common color for a chinchilla is the standard grey. This is the original chinchilla color (the color of the wild chinchillas). A hair from a standard grey chinchilla actually has three colors: The bottom is blue-grey, there is a thin white bar and the tip is black. This is called the agouti pattern. The color of a standard grey chinchilla can vary from very light grey to very dark grey. The stomach is white or can be light grey if is carries the ebony gene. The eyes are black.


Homo Ebony



The Homo Ebony is completely black. Blue tint is preferable as with every color.



Black Velvet



The black velvet has dark black fur on the top of it's body and the color fades from black to grey to white as it get's closer to the belly. Will have a distinct strip on the front paws.



TOV Hetero Ebony



Hetero Ebony is black but the agouti pattern is visible making them appear more grey. They can vary from light to dark.



Silver White



This variation of White has white fur with an even distribution of grey tipping on most hairs. The eyes are black and ears are dark grey.



Wilson White



White chinchillas have grey ears, black eyes, white paws and white stomach. The base of their tail may be grey but there should be few other markings.



White Ebony


They look very much like the White Mosaic but with more black, sometimes on the entire hair shaft as well as on the tummy and more distinctively "patchy". The eyes are black and ears are dark grey. A white blaze down the center of the face is common.



TOV White Ebony



They are similar to the white ebony but have the characteristics of TOV which is dark on top and gradually get lighter on the bottom.



Homo Beige


A homozygous beige is always very light in color but can be difficult to tell from a light heterozygous beige. However the eyes of a homozygous beige is not as deep red but rather pink with a white iris.


Hetero Beige



The color of a heterozygous beige chinchilla can vary from a light cream color to a dark beige. They have red eyes, pink ears, white paws and white stomach.



Brown Velvet

Also called beige velvet or TOV beige. These are a mix between black velvet and beige. They have a beige color with a brown head which gradually becomes lighter against the stomach. They have red eyes, pink ears and white stomach. They have a brown stripe on the front legs.





Genetically this chin is Beige + Ebony. The fur color is shiny beige to dark brown (depending upon how many generations have been bred back to Ebony) on the entire body, including the tummy. This is the result of the Ebony gene. There is no agouti stripe. Rather, each hair shaft is a lighter shade of beige or brown at the base, ending in the darker tip. The eyes are red and the ears are pink.




TOV Chocolate (Tan)



They are similar to the Tan but have the characteristics of TOV which is dark on top and gradually get lighter on the bottom.





These chins are always homozygous recessive so are genetically Violet + Violet. The fur is an even dove grey color over the head and back with the agouti stripe (dark at the base of the hair shaft, then white, then dove grey on the tip). The eyes are black, the ears are grey and the paws and tummy are white.





These pictures compliments of Chinbin in Oregon and Pacific Northwest Chinchillas. Please do not copy them unless you e-mail me first for permission.